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How to write effective profile texts and roommails

Written by Emilie Jensen

It can be very challenging to write something about oneself in a way that make letters will choose you as their roommate. There are many different ways to do it, but you can always start of by thinking about the 5 things I have listed below. Your profile text shall be about you and you as a roommate. Your roommate is about the good relationship you and your new letter/roommate will get when he or she choses you to be her or his new roommate.

1. Remember the most important information

It is very important your profile text include as many information as possible, but on a very little space. Besides the basic information like your age, occupation, the reason you are searching for at roommate and so on, you can also include something about how a regular day of yours looks like. You can start of by writing what you are during when you relax, or how you image your roommate relationship will be like.

Make sure to write a catchy and creative start and ending on your personal story. The reader will often just read the first and the last part of the text, which should make them continue read the rest of the text. If you are able to catch the reader’s attention at this very moment, you can almost be sure that he/she will read the rest of the text. You could for example end the text off by writing 5 words describing you or 5 things you love to do in your spare time – just write something that gives the letter an impression of whether or not you are a great match.

3. Choose the words wisely

The best profile text is honest, and tells about you, just the way you are! You are not supposed to hide something, but it can be very important to think about how you want to write about yourself. It can for example be better to write about the things you like rather than the things you hate. To be positive and use positive words is much more effective than saying everything in a negative way by using words like not, bad and disgust.

4. Tell your story with pictures

I am sure you have a lot of pictures of you and stuff you like and are interested in. Pictures like that will make your profile look much more personal and trustworthy and it will help the letter to find out who you really are. Pictures tell something you cannot say through text and words, and who knows? Maybe the pictures make the difference for the letter because you are different from the other apartment seekers.

5. Write personal roommails

As a letter you prefer to receive well-written and personal roommails. It is important you show the letter that you have read his or her description of the room and explain why you have chosen to show interest for him or her and the room. The letter often chose the roommate they believe they would get the best cooperation with, which is also why it is very important you write as much about yourself as possible on a very small space.

Use some time and energy on writing this short paragraph about you and you as a roommate, as you can use this paragraph in any of the roommails with only small changes. Start off by looking at the profile text you have already written and point of the most important arguments. But think about choosing the right arguments depending on the letter you are writing to.

Emilie Jensen

23 år // Marketing- og kommunikationsstuderende fra CBS // Forkærlighed for at skrive // Kontakt: